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About Us

Welcome to Artistivity. Come alive with India's largest community of 5000+ live artists & entertainers. Your one stop booking assistant on the go.

Artistivity is India's largest verified and curated community of performing artists with more than 5000 musicians, singers, DJs, dancers, emcees, stand-up comedians and celebrities from sports, fashion and media. It is the only platform of its kind where you can book an artist for your special occasion at the click of a button.


Why wait to watch your favorite artist at a gig when you can get the gig home?

DJs, musicians, bands, singers, dancers, emcees, hosts, stand-up comedians and celebrities, we're your guide to throwing a bash just how you imagined it!

From the biggest names to the new and raging. From contemporary acts to classical performances. From glitzy stages to intimate

settings, our personal relationship with each artist guarantees the creation of great memories.

Music Festivals. Concerts. Weddings. Birthdays. Corporate Events. Personalize every occasion with scintillating live performances and appearances by your favorite artists.

We'll give you the entertainment you want, within the price you want. Come Alive!


Artistivity Values

We believe 'live' entertainment is divine and the most exciting form of engagement that makes us come alive.

We feel passionately about our artist friends and we continuously strive to take the scattered Indian performing arts sector and build it into a community that offers infinite opportunities for all kinds of talent.

It is also our mission to help the more than 3 Mn performing artists of the country get discovered, find work and network within the community.

It is this endeavour that fires us up each day as we build on new alliances with hospitality, retail, corporates and B2C customers to make performing arts a viable career option for the youth of India.

We're a team of twenty like-minded individuals, working relentlessly at exploring newer and more exciting possibilities in the live entertainment space and each day throws at us a new challenge.

9 years. 100+ clients across 30 cities. More than 2000+ bookings and over 5000+ talented artist friends.


Our work at Artistivity has only just begun.

Welcome to a creative movement!

A movement we call Artistivity.

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