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About Us

Welcome to Artistivity: Your Premier Booking Assistant on the Go!


At Artistivity, we invite you to come alive with India's largest community of over 5000 live artists and entertainers. As your one-stop booking assistant, we empower you to seamlessly connect with musicians, singers, DJs, dancers, emcees, stand-up comedians, and celebrities from sports, fashion, and media for your special occasions.


Why Choose Artistivity?


Experience the thrill of bringing your favorite artists to your doorstep. Whether you're looking for DJs, musicians, bands, singers, dancers, emcees, hosts, stand-up comedians, or celebrities, we're your go-to guide for creating unforgettable events.


Explore the Diversity:


From the biggest names to emerging talents, contemporary acts to classical performances, and glitzy stages to intimate settings, our platform ensures a personal connection with each artist, guaranteeing the creation of lasting memories.


Occasions to Remember:


Personalize every occasion, from music festivals and concerts to weddings, birthdays, and corporate events, with scintillating live performances and appearances by your favorite artists. We'll provide the entertainment you desire within your budget. Come alive with Artistivity!


Artistivity Values:


- Divine 'Live' Entertainment:

  We believe live entertainment is divine, offering the most exciting form of engagement that makes us come alive.


- Passion for Performing Arts:

  We're passionate about our artist friends, striving to unite the scattered Indian performing arts sector into a community that offers infinite opportunities for all talents.


- Mission for Discovery:

  Our mission is to help over 3 million performing artists in the country get discovered, find work, and network within the community.


- Building Alliances:

  We're committed to building alliances with hospitality, retail, corporates, and B2C customers to make performing arts a viable career option for the youth of India.


- Dedicated Team:

  Our team of twenty like-minded individuals works relentlessly to explore newer and more exciting possibilities in the live entertainment space, tackling each day's challenges head-on.


Artistivity Achievements:


- Years of Excellence:

  Celebrating 9 years of excellence in the industry.


- Client Base:

  Over 100 clients across 30 cities.


- Bookings and Talent Network:

  Over 2000+ bookings and a network of 5000+ talented artist friends.


Join the Creative Movement: Artistivity!


Our work at Artistivity has only just begun. Join us in this creative movement, a movement we proudly call Artistivity.


Come alive with the magic of live entertainment!

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